Tesla’s Drive-In Diner Concept Takes Major Step Forward in Los Angeles

Tesla’s ambitious vision for a drive-in diner and movie theater supercharger location is coming closer to reality, after the city granted permit approval for the project.

The creative concept, originally proposed by CEO Elon Musk for Santa Monica, will now be located in West Hollywood after a recent relocation. While an opening date is still unannounced, the permitting milestone marks a major advancement for this futuristic charging station.

According to plans, the location will feature 32 supercharger stalls, two movie screens, and a restaurant with rooftop seating – creating a retro-themed hangout for Tesla owners. It reflects the company’s innovative approach to the EV charging experience.

Tesla currently operates over 17,000 superchargers nationwide, with stations in all 50 states. But the network will open to other automakers starting in 2024, allowing EV owners from companies like Ford, GM, and Mercedes access.

Analysts now see Tesla’s charging network as a potential standalone profit center, predicting up to $20 billion in revenue by 2030. As Tesla faces competition from other automakers building out chargers, its creative concepts like the L.A. drive-in solidify its leadership in charging infrastructure.

The permitting of this novel station demonstrates Tesla’s commitment to pushing boundaries in EV charging. As construction moves forward, the company is set to bring their retro-future vision to vivid life in West Hollywood, giving Tesla devotees a taste of things to come.

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